Guide to Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

Guide to Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

Requirements for Obtaining Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

  • You must be a citizen of a non-European Union country.
  • Remote work for a company not available in Malta.
  • Self-employed individuals can apply.
  • You must have a monthly income of at least 2700 euros.

Guide to Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

Can Your Family Join You?

When applying for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa, you can also bring your family:

  • Your spouse (husband or wife).
  • Your minor child.
  • A child dependent on you due to illness or disability.
  • A child dependent on you financially.

Duration of Stay

Initially, your visa will be issued for one year, and then you can renew it from within Malta.

Required Documents

  • Application form N1
  • Application form N2 (if applicable)
  • Application form N4 - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Letter of Intent
  • International passport
  • Employment contract and official tax documents in case of employment
  • Notarized proof of self-employment
  • Notarized proof of all independent activities in case of self-employment
  • Europass CV
  • Bank statement
  • Local or international health insurance policy
  • Health declaration

Get all application forms from the official website.


  • English-speaking country.
  • You can visit other Schengen countries during the validity of your Digital Nomad Residence Permit.
  • Easy access to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Access to 5G.

Do You Need to Pay Taxes in Malta?

For the Digital Nomad Visa, you are not required to pay taxes in Malta unless you have earned income from Malta.

Check your eligibility for the Nomad Visa here.

Application Process for Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023

  1. Collect the required documents.
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. Send the application online.
  4. Travel to Malta and collect your Nomad Residence Permit.

To apply, visit the Malta Residence Permit website.

You must submit the application to Residency Malta Agency online via email at [email protected]. After sending the email, you must wait for a response from the agency.

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